Special Session of the IAU General Assembly
"Science with Large Solar Telescopes" - 22-24 August, 2012

Co-Chairs: Gianna Cauzzi (Italy), Alexandra Tritschler (USA), Yuanyong Deng (China)

With several large aperture optical/IR telescopes coming on-line, and scheduled for the near future, solar physics is on the verge of a quantum leap in observational capabilities. An efficient use of such facilities will require new and innovative approaches to both observatory operations and data handling.

This two-days long Special Session will discuss the science expected with large solar telescopes, and start addressing the strategies necessary to optimize their scientific return. Cutting edge solar science as derived from state of the art observations and numerical simulations will be presented, and discussions will be held on the role of large facilities in satisfying the demanding requirements of spatial and temporal resolution, stray-light, and spectro-polarimetric accuracy. Building on the experience of recently commissioned telescopes, we will then discuss critical issues for the development of future facilities including operational issues peculiar to large telecopes, and strategies for their best use.

The 2012 IAU General Assembly will host other three solar-related events:

IAU Symposium 294 "Solar and astrophysical dynamos and magnetic activity", http://sun.stanford.edu/IAUS294/

Joint Discussion 3 "3-D views of the cycling Sun in stellar context", http://www.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/iau_c10/iau28ga_jd03.html

Special Session 10: "Dynamics of the star-planet relations", http://lesia.obspm.fr/IAUSpS10

Temporal overlap between these events is minimal, allowing an interested researcher to attend most of their sessions.
The IAU GA is also host to many related activities of interest to astronomers and early career researchers, including Invited Discourses, Young Astronomers' Lunch, and Women in Astronomy. The full IAU GA program can be found here (http://www.astronomy2012.org/dct/page/65607)