Sergio AbbateMolecular Spectroscopies of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with a twist: the Helicenes
Eleonora BianchiThe first hot corino in a Class I object in Perseus as observed by ASAI
Adriana CaraccioloThe reactions of atomic oxygen with unsaturated hydrocarbons and interstellar hydrocarbon growth
Marta De SimoneGlycolaldehyde in Perseus young Solar analogs
Noelia Faginas-LagoDimerization of methanimine and its charged species in the atmosphere of Titan and interstellar/cometary ice analogs
Giovanna LonghiVibrational Spectroscopies for large Quantum Number Transitions: NIR, NIR-VCD and Raman
Claudio MacconeMolecular Evolution described by Lognormal Stochastic Processes
Paola ManzariDetection of hydrocarbons in Mighei carbonaceous chondrite by the SPectral IMager (SPIM)
Riccardo RozzaComputational study of reaction between prebiotic molecule C2N and CO on carbon surface
Gabriel Vignoli MunizRadioresistance of adenine to cosmic rays