Gianni Comoretto

my personal interests

Say NO to war

The peace flag on the Arcetri Observatory rooftop. Provided by the fair trade shop of Florence.

Aside from the (not so) hard work, I spend my time in several activities.


Fun related topics

Well, the things quoted above have their share of fun. Fair trade shops surely are fun, and their chocolate is the best available. Discussing about extraterrestrial life, or debunking some kind of cranks, have their light side, too. Travelling to war plagued lands is not exactly what most (sane) people would call "touring", it takes several day back home to reaccostumate yourself to "normality", but even there you can meet really interesting people. But I like more mundane ways of spending my time (in the rare moments when I have some spare).

Some useful links

I can be reached also at the E-mail address gcomoretto at tiscali . it (preferable for non-work topics). This provider hosts also my "private" home page (basically a copy of this one, but in Italian).

[PHOTO] Last but not least, Pietro e Davide represent my most important, rewarding (and time consuming) activity. The picture has been shot several  years ago on the Dolomiti mountains. It should be updated, since Davide is now twice that size.  Pietro likes football (is a hard fan of the Fiorentina soccer team), hiking and trekking, music. Davide likes drawing, computer games, D&D and science fiction.

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