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UVCS    The Observatory of Arcetri participates in the analysis of the data obtained           from the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (UVCS) operating on the            SOHO spacecraft.    
THEMIS    The Observatory of Arcetri was responsible for designing and        building the Italian       Panoramic Monochromator installed at THEMIS and participates       in observing runs using the range of THEMIS instruments    
ESMN    The European Solar Magnetism Network (ESMN) is a             Research Training Network    Funded by the European Commission that links together     11 european    institutes to perform coordinated studies of solar magnetic fields using    ground and space-based observations as well as theoretical interpretation.    
ATST    The Observatory of Arcetri is part of a group of italian and european institutes       evaluating a european participation in the design and construction of        the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope.