Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory

logosmallarcetri Arcetri Technical Reports 2/2009
a reduction pipeline for LUCIFER
the infrared Multi Object Spectrograph at LBT

G. Cresci(1)(2)

(1) INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
(2) Max Planck Institut fuer Extraterrestrische Physick, Garching, Germany


The present report describes the IRAF reduction package, developed for the data reduction of the Multi Object Spectrograph (MOS) of the two LUCIFER near-IR instruments at the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mt. Graham, Arizona. The MOS mode will be the most used one for the two LUCIFER instruments, but will produce the most difficult data to deal with. The pipeline described here has been developed to automatize the reduction steps needed for the full exploitations of the data, such as distortion corrections, flat field, wavelength calibration, optimal sky subtraction, frame combination and flux calibration.

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