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Heraeus Summer School

This is THE fourth of the Italian German teacher training seminars "Astronomy from four Perspectives", after Heidelberg 2013, Padua 2014, and Jena 2015. The aim of the seminars is to create, foster, and maintain a network of University and high school teachers, and to develop materials and methods on present day research in astronomy and astrophysics to be used in high schools.

The schedule is rich and tight, and I am happy to thank all the speakers that will contribute to the school; we expect that you will have your laptop, because some of the tutorials include simulations that can be better followed on a computer. I would also ask the speakers to be so kind to provide a pdf version of their presentation, whenever possible, before their talk. The pdf will be made available to all the participants.

We have also some extras: the visit to two museums downtown Firenze: the Museo Galileo and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo; all the details of these two museums can be found following the links on the program of the School. On Monday 29 we will also visit the interferometric antenna for gravitational waves VIRGO, just an hour drive from Firenze, especially relevant after the discovery of the first two events in the last quarter of 2015. One of the scientists that are working on the site and that has been responsible for key devices of the antenna will show us around.

The last evening in Firenze will be concluded with a social dinner, in a typical restaurant, just in front of Villa Il Gioiello, the home of Galileo Galilei. The University of Firenze, and the Osservatorio Astrofisica di Arcetri have allowed us to be served an aperitif in the ancient villa.

I want also thank the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung, that made the entire row of Summer Schools possible; the University of Firenze which will host us, the Osservatorio di Arcetri that will host a lesson and our solar observations, and INFN, the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare for technical support.

We will not forget Francesco Palla, who has had a leading role in the project "Astronomy from four Perspectives", and sadly passed away at the end of January: we miss him; for this project, and for the many goals he accomplished, let me say: "Grazie, Francesco".

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