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Last modified on Feb 28, 1999 by A. Richichi

  • >message #1: from ChL, 23 Aug 96, about check and switch-on tests (in German)
  • >message #2: from AR, Aug 96, about the performance of the 1.23 masked mirror.
  • >message #3: from AR, Nov 96, about the 1.23 mirror and limiting magnitudes for Lo and photometry.
  • >message #4: from AR, Nov 96, about the setup in the control rooms of the 1.23 and 2.2
  • >message #5: from AR+SRi, Mar 97, about the ADC cards and the filter/clock box.
  • >message #6: from AR, Mar 97, about the limiting magnitudes after the March 97 run.
  • >message #7: from AR, May 97, about the characteristics of the new filter/offset box.
  • >message #8: from AR, Aug 97: the FIRPO photometric system and recommendations.
  • >message #9: from SRi, Aug 97: more on the new filter/offset box, and the use of a generator as a clock.
  • >message #10: from AR, Feb 99: about the new and old FIRPO setup.

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