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Last modified on September 16, 1997 by A. Richichi

  • September 1997: the photometry archive is now complete and available.
  • August 1997: new set tested (including the new offset/filter box and a wave generator as a clock, see messages). Color corrections for photometry now available.
  • May 1997: the new offset/filter box is being tested, and should be available at CA starting with the July 1997 run. Check the message for characteristics.
  • February 1997: FIRPO II succesfully tested at the 6m telescope in Russia.
  • December 1996: new versions of the FIRPO logbook sheets are now available, in two separate versions for photometry (54 Kb) and occultations (42 Kb). From Netscape: shift+left click to download.
  • November 1996: new estimate of the zero points and photometric limits available, see the message list. New version of LUNOC (Oct. 1995) tested, OK. No changes needed on the settings of the ADC board. However, it seems that the display is too fast!
  • August 1996: please use and check new version of LUNOC.
  • July 1996: ChL has modified the feedback resistors so as to allow a better time response in JHK. Performance in L should be OK, test please.
  • June 1996: new wave generator HP 33120A tested succesfully, and programmed. Check the quick guide for instructions.
  • June 1996: time response found not satisfactory during run at CA 2.2m resistors to allow measurements in L,M
  • March 1996: new filter J inserted in position 1. New feedback resistors to allow measurements in L,M

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