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The Fast InfraRred Photometer for lunar Occultations is a collaboration between Arcetri, Heidelberg and Jena. It is based on an InSb photometer, with a trans-impedance pre-amplifier. The acquisition is based on a PC, and can store data in a continuous mode for long times up to frequencies of several kHz. It has been operative since 1993, and several publications have resulted.

This is a picture gallery of the instrument and its main components: Click on the small images for an enlarged version.

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A quick guide is available, with general instructions. It may be useful to check out the latest news, and the schedule of the forthcoming runs. At the end of a run, please send comments and reports to, it will help to keep things updated. These are the people that may be contacted in case of necessity. A few messages are available, which can be of help in case of problems.

Standard Star magnitudes list.

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