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Notes on the new and old FIRPO setup, A. Richichi

At the end of the run of 24-28 February, this is a list
of the material needed to operate FIRPO at the 1.23m, 
and its collocation:

1-mount, with associated chopper driver, and eyepiece
adapter. This is usually located in the first floor of
the 1.23m building. Note that the eyepiece adapter has
no illumination anymore.

2-HP 33120A programmable function generator. To recall
the 3-steps waveform used for centering and photometry,
press "recall 1" and then enter. This is in the cardboard
box labelled "new setup", together with other stuff below.
The box is in the FIRPO section of the scaffhold on level 2
of the 3.5m building.

3- the "new setup" box also contains all cables and junctions
necessary to link the detector and chopper driver to the
acquisition system. It also contains several sets of batteries
which have been tested to be OK. In the Leinert Schrank there
is a box of new (virgin, unconnected) batteries.
It also contains a test cable for the detector (JFET voltage).
Also a plastic "finger" to check the level of nitrogen in the
The BNC in the "new setup" box allow to connect FIRPO and
the chooper driver at
the 1.23m to the "warm room" in the dome (pass them through
the aperture above the door).

4- An offset box with power supply. This is also located
in the "new setup" box.

5- FIRPO (dewar) is in its wooden carry-on case, next
to Leinert's Schrank.

6- A dual-channel oscilloscope. This is to be obtained
somewhere (at this time there were two on the first level of
the 1.23m building)

7- a multimeter. to be found in Leinert's Schrank.

8- an eyepiece for the photometer, and a barrel with hole to
check the alignment of the mount. these are in a small cardboard
box, to be found inside the "new setup" box.
Note that the new torchlights supplied on CA are not well suited
to provide an illumination for the barrel!

9- the "blue piece" to check the alignment. At this time the
eyepiece with millimiter scale is mounted on the piece, but
it was found in a wooden box of cubic shape (optical small pieces)
in Leinert Schrank. The "blue piece" is located in L.'s Schrank.

10-general cryogenics (gloves, funnels, a dewar bottle)
can be found in Leinert's Schrank or obtained from the staff.

11- It is assumed that next runs can be carried out with a
acquisition system based on a ntoebook and PCMCIA ADC card.
I use a Keithley Metrabyte DASCard1000, which includes
its own software for fast data acquisition. This is good
for all purposes (internal clock checked ok, multiple channels,
differential read, long memory, plot of the data and dump
as ASCII ) but it does not provide an on-line display.
For this one must use an oscilloscope. Alternatively, Leonardo
Fabbroni has written a lunoc-style software (which will run
only with the library provided with this specific card),
which however is limited to 32,000 samples. The software
can be ftp-ed from Arcetri (DOS/Win95).
The card installed successfully on a TravelMate 5000 notebook
under Windows 95, after using the PCMCIA drivers from Cardworks.


Many things which were used at various stages in the past
are not needed anymore. In particular, the Lion computer
is resting in the usual place on level 2 of 3.5m building.
The "long slot" ADC board is being taken to Arcetri, together
with 2 different sets of connecting cables, and its booklet.

A large cardboard box labelled "old setup" is to be found
next to the rest. It contains a lot of different cables,
bnc, adapters, one amplifier/filter "blue".

A second amplifier/filter "blue" is placed now inside
Leinert's Schrank. Note that these "blue" boxes never
really performed very well.

Feb 28, 1999 A. Richichi

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