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Actually, two observations of Z Cnc are available in our archive. The first one is depicted here below, and was obtained at TIRGO on Feb 6, 1993, in the L band (3.6µm).

The data show a well resolved stellar surface (diameter 0.00487±0.00018 arcseconds) and the possible presence of circumstellar emission at the level of few percent of the total flux.

The second occultation was recorded at the ESO 3.6m with TIMMI at 10µm on Dec 11, 1995 in collaboration with H.U. Kaüfl (ESO) and B. Stecklum (Jena). You can download a MPEG movie of the event, consisting of 500 frames of 64X64 pixels each (1pixel=0.5arcsec). Each frame corresponds to an integration of 28ms. Most of the flux seems to come from a well resolved envelope of about 0.05 arcseconds (see below)

This striking difference is an excellent illustration of the need for observations using different, complementary wavelengths.

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