Gaia-ESO Survey at Arcetri

Team Members
Luca Bravi Luca Bravi
PhD Student
Luca has been involved in the Gaia-ESO Survey since the end of 2015 as a PhD student. His supervisors are Sofia Randich and Germano Sacco. He works in synergy with his supervisors and the other members of Gaia-ESO Arcetri working group to obtain new results with the Gaia-ESO data.
Research Interests: During his Master's Degree, Luca studied the interactions between radio and X-ray properties in radio mini halos present in galaxy clusters. Now, he is focused on the study of star cluster dynamics with Gaia-ESO Survey. In the next years, he will combining the Gaia-ESO data with the Gaia ones to produce a multi-dimensional studies of star clusters.