Observation and Reduction procedures

The information path to prepare, perform and reduce a radioastronomical observation, using the Arcos correlator, is schematized in the figure:

The programs reside part on the computer network of the Arcetri Observatory, and part at the Medicina Radio Telescope. All programs running at Arcetri are written for a Sun workstation, and are public domain software, available upon request. Programs running at the telescope are written for a PC with DOS/Windows (or Linux).


How to prepare an observation (not yet available)
  • Individual sources (manual)
  • List of sources (automatic)
  • Map a region

    How to observe:
  • Checklist of operations/checks to be done before starting an observation session
  • Available receivers
  • Schedule preparation (program arcobs). A tar archive with the program sources is available
  • Observation of spectral lines
  • Total power observations (calibrations)
  • Archiving and exporting data

    How to reduce data (at the telescope):
  • Difference spectrum and quick look (program SPETTRO)
  • Sum several scans for quick look of long integrations (program AVER)

    How to reduce data (at home)
  • Structure of the database A PostScript version is also available
  • Selecting observations from the database
  • Extracting and calibrating data
  • Reduction and data analysis with CLASS
  • Search catalog for multiple observations of the same source (program searchdup)

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