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The group is quickly shrinking, due to retirements and frozen turnover. The group includes people from the Observatory and from the Astronomy Department of the Florence University, but operates as a single, seamless team.

All telephone numbers are extensions. The Arcetri telephone number is +39(55)2752+ext. Fax number is +39(55)220039. All E-mail addresses refer to the Observatory domain: [name] AT arcetri . astro . it

Riccardo Cesaroni. Ext: 215. E-mail: rcesaroni

Gianni Comoretto. Ext: 215. E-mail: gcomoretto

Luca Cresci, Ext 219. E-mail: cresci

Piero Curioni . Ext: 219. E-mail: curioni Retired 2010

Marcello Felli . Ext: 240. E-mail: felli Retired 2007

Renzo Nesti, Ext. 220 E-mail: nesti

Dario Panella. Ext: 221. E-mail: panella

Gianni Tofani. Ext: 217. E-mail: tofani Retired 2006

Claudio Codella. Ext: 220. E-mail: codella

Andrea Lorenzani , Ext 219. E-mail: andrea

Enzo Natale. Ext: 218. E-mail: natale Retired 2008

Luca Olmi. Ext: 216. E-mail: olmi

Francesco Palagi . Ext: 216. E-mail: palagi Retired 2007

Antonietta Russo, Ext. 313. E-mail: arusso

Astronomy Department

Salvatore Di Franco. Ext: 219. E-mail: difranco

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