Herschel Hardware and Software
at Arcetri

Arcetri research teams have contributed to the Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI) instrument (PI: F. Helmich, SRON, Groningen, The Netherlands) and to the calibration of Photodetector Array Camera and Spectrometer (PACS) instrument (PI: A. Poglitsch, MPE, Garching, Germany). An Arcetri scientist also participates in the Instrument Control Center within the context of the HIFI reduction pipeline.
  • PACS calibration
    (OAA CoI's: Lorenzo Morbidelli)

    The photometric and spectral calibration of PACS, the 50-250 micron imager/spectrometer on board Herschel was done in collaboration with Arcetri. In early 2006 a test calibration was performed in Florence with satisfactory results. After further improvements and fine tuning, in September 2006 the apparatus was transported to the MPE in Garching where the calibration of the Flight Model was successfully performed. The Spare Model calibration will be accomplished in 2009.

  • HIFI software
    (OAA CoI's: Andrea Lorenzani)

    The HIFI reduction pipeline HIPE is being developed with the help of an Arcetri technology scientist who collaborates closely with the HIFI instrument team in Groningen.

  • HIFI hardware contribution

    Historically, first as CAISMI (CNR) and then as IRA-Firenze, Arcetri scientists provided a contribution to the design and realization (in collaboration with industry) of the Acousto-Optical WideBand Spectrometer, HIFI. The components were delivered to KOSMA in June, 2005 and the last calibrations in Cologne were performed in December, 2006.


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