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AstroBigné seminars

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Last updated by S. di Serego Alighieri, 11 December 2017


Future Astrobigné


Tuesday 12 December 2017 - 11:45 Aula A

Stefano Sandrelli [INAF]  (Outreach)

Come funzionano la Didattica e la Divulgazione INAF (special seminar in Italian lasting 45-50 minutes)
Come funzionano la Didattica e la Divulgazione INAF? E chi lo sa? E cosa sono? direte voi! Ecco: appunto perche' lo sappiate - e anche per rifletterci meglio insieme - come responsabile delle suddette vi propongo di parlarne insieme.


Tuesday 23 January 2018 - 11:45 Aula A

Carlo Baffa [OAA]  (Big data)

Giga Tera Peta Data: Are we ready??


The Astrobigné concept

Astrobigné is a series of short seminars that are held at the Osservatorio, with the goal of interconnecting the community of people working here, spreading new ideas and results, creating and reinforcing synergies between groups and indiduals. As such, Astrobigne's are meant to be accessible to a broad audience, including astronomers and technology staff, from senior researchers to students. Not by chance, the name "bigné" was chosen to designate something delicious, attractive, quick to grasp and easy to "eat".

In practice, the astrobigne talks:

  • must be short (10 minutes plus 5 for open discussion, strict, 6-8 slides at most)
  • must present only 1-2 key points that people can assimilate quickly
  • should be aimed at triggering later discussions, collaboration, and future activities.
  • at this aim, can also present ongoing work with intermediate results
  • can cover a broad range of topics, including astronomy, technology, historic research, public outreach, organization etc...
  • will NEVER present a general overview of the subject and a complete account of the speaker's work
  • are given in English whenever possible (this is not because we don't love Italian, but we all understand that English is our professional language to be used to foster international collaborations. Not to mention that there usually are non-Italians in the audience).

Astrobigne's take place on Tuesdays, every two weeks in the main auditorium of OAArcetri (Aula A). We usually have three bigne'-talks (10+5minutes each), selected by the organizing committee in order to cover as many different areas of interest as possible. Before the talks, at 11:45, we normally meet in Aula A to socialize and eat real bigne's (pastries!). The talks start at noon approximately, but everybody is strongly advised to come by 11:45 so not to miss the... beginning of the talks!

The Astrobigné Organizing Committee is currently composed of Sperello di Serego Alighieri (reference person for the extragalactic group), Fabrizio Massi (for the planets and star formation group, solar physics area), Alessio Turchi (for the technological area), and Antonella Gasperini (for the library, outreach and history), supported by our director Filippo Mannucci and by the invaluable help of Emanuela Masini with the "real" stuff. If you wish to give a presentation, first contact the relevant reference person and then fill in the doodle!


Past Astrobigné

Season 2017-2018


Tuesday 17 October 2017 - 11:45 Aula A

Emanuele Pace [UniFI]  (Outreach)

The Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti: activity and perspectives
Born by the will of two Chianti Administrations, the "Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti" has rapidly evolved into a structure of the University of Florence carrying out research and outreach activities. This brief seminar will mainly illustrate these activities and the research perspectives with the installation of the new instrumentation planned by the end of 2018.

Luca Olmi [OAA]  (Instrumentation)

Workshop on Toraldo Pupils: Summary Report and Project Status
A workshop on Toraldo Pupils, a super-resolving system for radio astronomy, was held in Arcetri, Villa il Gioiello, on October 12. I will provide a short summary of the workshop and report on the status of project "PuTo".


Tuesday 3 October 2017 - 11:45 Aula A

Edvige Corbelli & Filippo Mannucci [OAArcetri]  (Teaching)

Il Liceo Astronomico di Bagno a Ripoli
Quest'anno parte all'Istituto Gobetti-Volta una sezione del Liceo scientifico con Potenziamento in Astronomia. L'Astronomia diventa materia curriculare con due ore la settimana su 5 anni. Le discipline coinvolte sono diverse, dalle Lettere alla Fisica, dalle Scienze alla Filosofia. Arcetri e UniFi collaborano con l'Istituto per sostenere la cultura astronomica e stimolare la cresciata scientifica dei ragazzi coinvolti nel progetto.

Davide Fedele [OAArcetri]  (Star formation)

ALMA continuum observations of the young protoplanetary system AS 209
I will present new high resolution (~0.15 arcsec) ALMA continuum observations of AS 209, a young (age ~ 0.5 Myr) proto-Sun (M ~ 0.9 Msun) surrounded by a gas- and dust-rich disk. Our ALMA observations reveals the presence of multiple dust gaps. The observations are compared to hydrodynamical simulations of planet-disk interaction. I will discuss the results in the context of disk evolution and planet formation theory.


Tuesday 19 September 2017 - 11:45 Aula A

Simone Bianchi [OAArcetri]  (MA1)

Report on the meeting of Macroarea 1 in Padova on 13 October 2017
We give a brief account of major results from the spliter meeting of Macroarea 1 held in Padova on the afternoon of 13 October 2017.

Francesca Bacciotti [OAArcetri]  (MA2)

Report on the meeting of Macroarea 2 in Padova on 13 October 2017
We give a brief account of major results from the spliter meeting of Macroarea 2 held in Padova on the afternoon of 13 October 2017.

Elena Masciadri [OAArcetri]  (MA5)

Report on the meeting of Macroarea 5 in Padova on 13 October 2017
We give a brief account of major results from the spliter meeting of Macroarea 5 held in Padova on the afternoon of 13 October 2017.

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