High Energy Astrophysics course

Together with my colleague, Dr. Niccolo' Bucciantini, I teach a course on High Energy Astrophysics within the Physics and Astronomy Curriculum at the University of Florence. This is a 5th year course, 6CFU worth. The course is however also suitable for students who are interested in theoretical physics and nuclear/subnuclear physics, and for PhD students.

The course is aimed at providing the needed theoretical basis for the study of High Energy Astrophysics phenomena (Supernova events, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Cosmic Rays).

-- The fisrt part of the course (taught by Dr. Bucciantini ) addresses the following subjects: compact objects: basics of general relativity; relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics; winds, shocks and accretion; explosions; relativistic stars; structure and electrodynamics of neutron stars; pulsars; magnetars; gamma-ray bursts; relativistic winds and synchrotron nebulae.

-- The second part of the course, which I teach, is on Cosmic Accelerators and is mostly focused on astroparticle physics: phenomenology of cosmic rays (CRs), non-thermal and hadronic emission processes; the Supernova Remnant paradigm for the origin of Galactic CRs: assessment of the available evidence; CRs and magnetic field: wave-particle interactions, diffusive propagation; particle acceleration: first and second order Fermi mechanism; non-linear diffusive shock acceleration and magnetic field amplification; CR propagation throughout the Galaxy; CR secondaries.

Pre-requirements: Basic notions of general relativity, relativistic hydrodynamics and magneto-hydrodynamics, and non-thermal radiation processes are recalled. The course is recommended for students who are interested in studying in deeper the subjects that are treated in Relativistic Astrophysics and Astrophysical Plasmas.


Available thesis subjects for bs and master

We always have several projects on Cosmic Ray and Pulsar Wind Nabula physics that are suitable for a bs or master thesis. If you are interested in learning a it more about the theoretical aspects of these subjects come talk to us!!!!!!