Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory has a rich outreach program devoted to a public of all ages. We organize nighttime guided tours and observations of the sky and daytime visits for schools with students of all grades from elementary to high school (for more information please visit Guided Visits and Observations at Arcetri. All visits usually include a tour through our miniature solar system, which guides the visitors through the wonders of our neighboorhood, direct observations of astronomical objects (at night: the Moon, visible planets, Galaxies, star clusters, multiple star systems; the Sun during daytime), observation of Cosmic Rays through our Cosmic Ray devoted facilities.

The Cosmic Ray outreach facilities currently consist in a spark chamber, and a cloud chamber. Thanks to a generous private donation, we are currently expanding our utilities:

--we are buying new equipment for the cloud chamber, aimed at making particle deflection by a magnetic field directly observable;

--we are building a mini-array of 3 Cherenkov Telescopes (our miniature CTA). The latter should be ready at the beginning of 2018.

Both our new acquisitions should be operating at the beginning of 2018.

In addition to being in charge of the Cosmic Ray outreach facilicties, members of the High Energy Astrophysics Group are deeply involved in all outreach activities, including:

--general guided tours

--specialized guided tours on High Energy Astrophysics subjects and on Cosmic Rays in particular (please contact ME if you are interested)

--lectures and conferences in schools on a list of subjects that you may find here