Does life exist beyond Earth? And how could we detect it? Which are the stellar and planetary constraints that affect the emergence and evolution of life? What areas in our Solar System and elsewhere can be habitable environments for life? These are some of the most important astrobiology issues that Life-ORIGINS COST Action addresses. Answering these questions would imply to completely transform our view about human uniqueness and human position in the Universe influencing the search for signs of life within planetary exploration and on exoplanets.

The interplay between geochemists, biologists, astronomers, chemists, and theoreticians is the main challenge of astrobiology, that finds within the Life-ORIGINS COST Action the right environment where to take place. The conference has the goal of gather experts coming from different scientific fields to share ideas, discuss about recent and present results, and identify the key challenges regarding the emergence, survivability, and impact on the environment of life both on Earth and beyond.

Scientists will be encouraged to attend the conference and give contributed talks or present posters. They will have the opportunity to interact with international experts in different fields (geology, biology, chemistry, astrophysics, and philosophy). The interdisciplinary environment will be particularly beneficial for students and young postdocs, who might find new directions in their research by linking the different fields that coexist in the workshop.

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