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(I) = Invited Talk
(C) = Contributed Talk

Monday 10 October 2016


13:00-14:00 Registration
14:00-14:10 Welcome
Session I: ALMA and laboratory
14:10-14:30 Leonardo Testi (I) Review on ALMA Band 2+3 capabilities
14:30-14:50 Maite Beltrán (I) ALMA Band 2+3 Science Cases
14:50-15:20 Sandra Brünken (I) From gas-phase isotope exchange reactions to isotopomer spectroscopy (and back)
15:20-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:10 Thanja Lamberts (C) Importance of tunneling in H-abstraction reactions by OH radicals: The case of CH4 + OH
16:10-16:30 Riccardo Giovanni Urso (C) A laboratory study of the OD stretching mode band in H2O:HDO ice mixtures
16:30-16:50 Victor de Souza Magalhães (C) A study of HF anomalies and carbon fractionation in HCN
16:50-17:10 Antonio Jiménez Escobar (C) First results of the UHV system 'LIFE' (Light Irradiation Facility for Exochemistry)
17:10-17:30 John Robert Brucato (C) Isotopic fractionations in the Solar System

Tuesday 11 October 2016


Session II: Prestellar cores and IRDCs
09:00-09:30 Eva Wirström (I) Fractionation in dark pre-stellar clouds
09:30-10:00 Charlotte Vastel (I) Deuteration and fractionation in prestellar cores and IRDCs: the observational point of view
10:00-10:20 Paola Caselli (C) D and 15^N fractionation in pre-stellar cores
10:20-10:50 Coffee break
10:50-11:10 Thusara Pillai (C) Primordial Deuterium Astration in the Galactic Center
11:10-11:30 Nami Sakai (C) Tracing the production pathways of molecules by 12C/13C ratio
11:30-11:50 Anna Punanova (C) Deuterium fractionation in the Taurus molecular cloud
11:50-12:10 Malcolm Walmsley (C) What happens at high density in cores?
12:10-12:30 Jonathan Tan (C) Deuteration Studies of Massive Star Formation
12:30-14:00 Lunch break


14:00-14:20 Volker Ossenkopf-Okada (C) 13^C fractionation in photon-dominated regions
Session III-a: Protostellar YSOs
14:20-14:50 Cecilia Ceccarelli (I) Fractionation in young protostars: where past and present merge
14:50-15:20 Vianney Taquet (I) Fractionation in young stellar objecs
15:20-15:50 Coffe break
15:50-16:10 Claudia Comito (C) A three-dimensional model of the distribution and deuteration of water in SgrB2(M)
16:10-16:30 Alexandre Faure (C) D/H equilibrium fractionation in ices
16:30-16:50 Claudio Codella (C) Hot and dense water in the inner 25 AU of SVS13-A
16:50-17:10 Gemma Busquet (C) The L1157-B1 astrochemical laboratory: testing the origin of DCN
17:10-17:30 Susanne Wamplfler (C) Spatially resolved measurements of the 14^N/15N ratio around protostars
17:30-17:50 Yoshida Kento (C) Molecular isotopic ratios in the low-mass protostar L1527

Wednesday 12 October 2016


Session III-b: Protostellar YSOs
09:00-09:20 Sandra Treviño-Morales (C) Deuteration around the ultracompact HII region Mon R2
09:20-09:40 Audrey Coutens (C) Isotopic fractionation of complex organic molecules: Results from the ALMA-PILS survey
09:40-10:00 Eleonora Bianchi (C) How H2CO and CH3OH deuteration changes during the formation of a Sun-like star? The SVS13-A case
10:00-10:20 Linda Podio (C) The L1157-B1 protostellar shock: Si fractionation and chemistry
10:20-10:50 Coffe break
Session IV: Circumstellar disks
10:50-11:20 Ilsedore Cleeves (I) Physical and Chemical Drivers of Deuteration in Protoplanetary Disk (C)
11:20-11:50 Chunhua Qi (I) Observations of isotopic fractionation in circumstellar disks
11:50-12:15 Olja Panic' (I) CO isotopologues in protoplanetary disks
12:15-13:45 Lunch break


Session V: Solar system
13:45-14:15 Steve Charnley (I) A Connection Between Interstellar and Solar System Isotopic Fractionation?
14:15-14:45 Nicolas Biver (I) Measurements of isotopic ratios in solar system bodies
14:45-15:05 Pierre Hily-Blant (C) The origin of nitrogen in planetary systems
15:05-15:35 Coffe break
15:35-16:05 Ursina Calmonte (I) New results on deuteration and fractionation from Rosetta/ROSINA
16:05-16:25 Jean-Cristophe Loison (C) The photochemical fractionation of oxygen isotopes in Titan's atmosphere
16:25-16:45 Sara Faggi (C) First spectrally complete survey of cometary water emission at near IR wavelengths (0.9-2.5 microns): C/2
16:45-17:05 Marina Martínez-Jiménez (C) Rare-Earth Element Fractionation Evidence in the Solar Nebula From the Study of Primitive Chondrites
Discussion Session
Visit to Galileo's Villa "Il Gioiello" and Aperitivo
Social dinner at Trattoria Omero

Thursday 13 October 2016


Session VI: Extragalactic sources
09:00-09:30 Serena Viti (I) Deuteration and fractionation in extragalactic sources: a theoretical view
09:30-10:00 Christian Henkel (I) Nucleosynthesis and Molecular Isotope Ratios in Extragalactic Systems
10:00-10:20 Leslie Hunt (C) CO fractionation in a low metallicity starburst
10:20-10:50 Coffe break
10:50-11:10 Sarolta Zahorecz (C) Fractionation in GRB host galaxies
11:10-11:30 Sabine König (C) Deep ALMA imaging of the merger NGC 1614 - Is CO tracing a massive inflow of non-star-forming gas?
11:30-11:50 Rebeca Aladro (C) Chemistry and isotopologues in nearby active galaxies
11:50-12:15 Francesco Fontani Conclusion remarks

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