The venue of the conference is the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Garbasso building" ( Largo Enrico Fermi, 2 - I-20125, Florence). The Department of Physics and Astronomy is located on the beautiful hill of Arcetri that hosts the headquarters of the Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri and is close to "Villa il Gioiello", one of the residences of Galileo.

How to get there

Florence is a land of cyclists, like the legendary "Tour de France" winner Gino Bartali. So you should rent a bike and go to the hill of Arcetri...

For the lazy people, the best way to go to Arcetri is by taxi or bus. You can take a taxi from the airport (~30 min, 30 EUR) or from the central rail station Santa Maria Novella (~20 min, 20 EUR).

There are two bus lines that leave you close to the venue: Line 11 and Line 38a. It is better to buy the tickets before you get on the bus. You can buy them in a "Tabacchi" store (look for blue signs with a white T).

  • Here you find a map with the stops of BUS LINE 11. Get off the bus in Gelsomino 01 (stop 26 in the map) , and then walk up Viale del Poggio Imperiale. Then turn left to take Largo Enrico Fermi, and you will find the Arcetri's gate on the right side.

  • Here you find a map with the stops of BUS LINE 38a. The line starts at Porta Romana square, where you can arrive from the city center using BUS LINES 11 (stop 24 in the map), 36 (stop 9 in the map), or 37 (stop 9 in the map). Get off in the stop Fermi (stop 4 in the map), and you will see the Arcetri's gate.

Cross the gate, walk up and you will find the venue (Department of Physics and Astronomy "Garbasso building"): it the first building at the top of a flight of steps.

Where to get nice italian food (and gelato!)

Here you can find a list of restaurants and supermarkets close to the venue (kind courtesy of Daniele Galli). Enjoy them!

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