Scientific Rationale

The space mission Gaia, its associated spectroscopic surveys, and recent numerical simulations are changing our view of the processes leading to the formation, evolution and dispersion of star clusters. The field will be further boosted by the second Gaia release scheduled for this April. The goal of this splinter session is to gather both observers and theoreticians to summarize the state of this rapidly evolving area of Galactic astronomy, present the earliest results from the second Gaia release and stimulate new collaborations.
Image Credit:ESO/M. McCaughrean et al. (AIP)


15:30 Coffee Break

17:00 Open discussion
Moderators: R.J. Parker (University of Sheffield) and N. Wright (Keele University)
Questions for the discussion can be proposed on the question board


  • E. Alfaro (CSIC)
  • R. Jeffries (Keele)
  • M. Mapelli (Innsbruck, OAPD)
  • E. Moraux (Grenoble)
  • R.J. Parker (Sheffield)
  • G.G.Sacco (Arcetri)
  • N. Wright (Keele)
  • E. Zari (Leiden)