Leonardo Testi - Calcio in Costume

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino or Calcio in Costume is an ancient game played in Florence, it is actually much more similar to Rugby, US Football and Wrestling than to Soccer (Calcio in italian). In any case it is great!

There are four teams each from a rione of the old town:

I Bianchi (the whites) from S. Spirito

I Rossi (the reds) from S. Maria Novella

Gli Azzurri (the cyans) from S. Croce

I Verdi (the greens) from S. Giovanni

The best are, of course, I Bianchi (they are from my rione). Here they are scoring a caccia against the Rossi, and here there is another great action against those poor guys from S. Maria Novella! Of course they can also easily beat the other two teams, Gli Azzurri for instance...

Mantained by: Leonardo Testi
Last update: 20 June 1997