The kinematic relationship between disk and jet in the DG Tauri system


L. Testi, F. Bacciotti, A.I. Sargent, T.P. Ray, J. Eisloeffel


We present high angular resolution millimeter wavelength continuum and 13CO(2-1) observations of the circumstellar disk surrounding the TTauri star DG Tauri. We show that the velocity pattern in the inner regions of the disk is consistent with Keplerian rotation about a central 0.67 Msun star. The disk rotation is also consistent with the toroidal velocity pattern in the initial channel of the optical jet, as inferred from HST spectra of the first de-projected 100 AU from the source. Our observations support the tight relationship between disk and jet kinematics postulated by the popular magneto-centrifugal models for jet formation and collimation.

Mantained by: Leonardo Testi