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59) - A search for evolved dust in Herbig Ae stars

A. Natta, L. Testi, R. Neri, D.S. Shepherd, D.J. Wilner
2004, A&A, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

58) - First Evidence for Dusty Disks around Herbig Be Stars

A. Fuente,A. Rodriguez-Franco, L. Testi, A. Natta, R. Bachiller, R. Neri
2003, ApJL, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

57) - The Nature of the Massive Young Stars in W75 N

D.S. Shepherd, S.E. Kurtz, L. Testi
2003, ApJ, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

56) - Millimeter observations of the IRAS18162-2048 outflow: evidence for cloud disruption around an intermediate-mass protostar

M. Benedettini, S. Molinari, L. Testi, A. Noriega-Crespo
2003, MNRAS, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

55) - Large grains in the disk of CQ Tau
L. Testi, A. Natta, D.S. Shepherd, D.J. Wilner
2003, A&A, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

54) - Anatomy of a high-mass star forming cloud: the G24.78+0.08 (proto)stell ar cluster
Cesaroni R., Codella C., Furuya R.S., L. Testi,
2003, A&A, 401, 227, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

53) - Mid-IR observations of small stellar clusters surrounding Herbig AeBe stars
E. Habart, L. Testi, A. Natta, L. Vanzi
2003, A&A, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

52) - Clustered star formation in W75N
D.S. Shepherd, L. Testi, D. Stark
2003, ApJ, 584, 882, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

51) - Near and Mid-infrared images of the massive star forming complex G9.62+0.19
P. Persi, M. Tapia, M. Roth, A.R. Marenzi, L. Testi, L. Vanzi
2003, A&A, 397, 227, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

50) - The kinematic relationship between disk and jet in the DG~Tauri system
L. Testi, F. Bacciotti, A.I. Sargent, T.P. Ray, J. Eisloeffel
2002, A&A Letter, in press, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

49) - Exploring Brown Dwarf Disks in rho-Oph
A. Natta, L. Testi, F. Comeron, E. Oliva, F. D'Antona, C. Baffa, G. Comoretto, S. Gennari
2002, A&A, 393, 597, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

48) - Constraints on star formation theories from the Serpens molecular cloud and protocluster
L. Olmi & L. Testi
2002, A&A, 392, 1053, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

47) - Young massive stars in the ISOGAL survey. II. The catalogue of bright YSO candidates
M. Felli,L. Testi, F. Schuller, A. Omont
2002, A&A, 392, 971, Abstract , Preprint (PDF), Table 3 (ReadMe)

46) - G24.78+0.08: a cluster of high-mass (proto)stars
R. Furuya, R. Cesaroni, C. Codella,L. Testi, R. Bachiller, M. Tafalla
2002, A&A Letter, 390, L1, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

45) - A young very low-mass object surrounded by warm dust
L. Testi, A. Natta et al.
2002, ApJL, 571, L155, Abstract , Preprint (PDF)

44) - Infrared spectroscopy of the largest known trans-neptunian object 2001 KX76
J. Licandro, F. Ghinassi and L. Testi
2002, A&A, 388, L9, Preprint

43) - The Formation of Massive Stars. High Resolution Millimeter and Radio Studies of High-Mass Protostellar Candidates
S. Molinari, L. Testi, L.F. Rodriguez, Q. Zhang
2002, ApJ, 570, 758, Abstract , Preprint

42) - Exploring Brown Dwarf Disks
A. Natta and L. Testi
2001, A&A, 376, L22, Abstract , Preprint

41) - NICS: The TNG Near Infrared Camera Spectrometer
C. Baffa et al.
2001, A&A, 378, 722, Preprint

40) - Star formation in the bright rimmed globule IC1396N
C. Codella, R. Bachiller, B. Nisini, P. Saraceno, L. Testi
2001, A&A, 376, 271, Abstract , Preprint
39) - NICS-TNG low-resolution 0.85-2.45um spectra of L-Dwarfs: a near-infrared spectral classification scheme for faint dwarfs
L. Testi, F. D'Antona, F. Ghinassi, et al.
2001, ApJ, 552, L147, Abstract , Preprint, Data (gzipped tar containing all the spectra)
38) - Infrared and Millimetric Study of the Young Outflow Cepheus E
A. Moro-Martin, A. Noriega-Crespo, S. Molinari, L. Testi, J. Chernicharo, A.I. Sargent
2001, ApJ, 555, 146, Abstract , Preprint
37) - The kinematics of molecular clumps surrounding hot cores in G29.96-0.02 and G31.41+0.31
C. Maxia, L. Testi, R. Cesaroni, C.M. Walmsley
2001, A&A, 371, 282, Abstract , Preprint
36) - Constraints on properties of the protoplanetary disks around UX Ori and CQ Tau
L. Testi, A. Natta, D.S. Shepherd, D.J. Wilner
2001, ApJ, 554, 1087, Abstract , Preprint

35) - NICS-TNG infrared spectroscopy of NGC1068: the first extragalactic measurement of PII and a new tool to constrain the origin of FeII line emission in galaxies.
E. Oliva, A. Marconi, R. Maiolino, L. Testi, et al.
2001, A&A, 369, L5, Abstract , Preprint

34) - The structure of the Orion Bar
M. Walmsley, A. Natta, E. Oliva, and L. Testi
2000, A&A, 364, 301, Abstract , Preprint

33) - The Density structure of Highly Compact HII Regions
J. Franco, S. Kurtz, P. Hofner, L. Testi, G. Garcia-Segura, and M. Martos
2000, ApJ, 542, L143, Abstract , Preprint

32) - Detection of the thermal radio continuum emission from the G9.62+0.19-F Hot Core
L. Testi, P. Hofner, S. Kurtz, and M. Rupen
2000, A&A, 359, L5, Abstract , Preprint

31) - Star formation in clusters: early sub-clustering in the Serpens core
L. Testi, A.I. Sargent, L. Olmi, and J.S. Onello
2000, ApJ, 540, L53, Abstract , Preprint

30) - The search for YSOs from ISOGAL data. Application to the l=+45 field
M. Felli, G. Comoretto, L. Testi, A. Omont, F. Schuller
2000, A&A, 362, 199 Abstract , Preprint, Table 4

29) - The molecular outflow and possible precessing jet from the massive young stellar object IRAS20126+4104
D. Shepherd, K.C. Yu, J. Bally, L. Testi
2000, ApJ, 535, 833, Abstract , Preprint, Figures

28) - Multi-Field Imaging with the OVRO Millimeter Array
L. Testi and A.I. Sargent
2000, in "Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths", eds. J. Mangum and S. Radford (San Francisco: ASP Conf Series), V. 217, p. 283, Abstract , Preprint

27) - Young massive stars in the ISOGAL survey I. VLA observations of the ISOGAL l=45 field
L. Testi, M. Felli, G.B. Taylor
1999, A&AS, 138, 71 Abstract , Preprint

26) - Molecular Jets and H2O Masers in the AFGL 5142 Hot Core
T.R. Hunter, L. Testi, Q. Zhang, T.K. Sridharan
1999, AJ, 118, 477 Abstract , Preprint , PDF

25) - Unveiling the disk-jet system in the massive (proto)star IRAS20126+4104
R. Cesaroni, M. Felli, T. Jenness, R. Neri, L. Olmi, M. Robberto, L. Testi, C.M. Walmsley
1999, A&A, 345, 949 Abstract , Preprint

24) - The onset of clustering around Herbig Ae/Be stars
L. Testi, F. Palla, A. Natta
1999, A&A, 342, 515, Abstract , Preprint

23) - A Near infrared study of the planetary nebula NGC 2346
B. Vicini, A. Natta, A. Marconi, L. Testi, D. Hollenbach, and B.T. Draine
1999, A&A, 342, 823 Abstract , Preprint

22) - Star formation in clusters: a survey of compact mm-wave sources in the Serpens core
L. Testi and A.I. Sargent
1998, ApJ, 508, L91, Abstract , Preprint

21) - IRAS 23385+6053: A Prototype Massive Class 0 Object
S. Molinari, L. Testi, J. Brand, R. Cesaroni, and F. Palla
1998, ApJ, 505, L39, Abstract , Preprint

20) - Disk Mass Limits and Lifetimes of Externally Illuminated Young Stellar Objects Embedded in the Orion Nebula
J. Bally, L. Testi, A. Sargent, and J. Carlstrom
1998, AJ, 116, 854, Abstract , Preprint

19) - A search for clustering around Herbig Ae/Be stars. II. Atlas of the observed sources
L. Testi, F. Palla, A. Natta
1998, A&AS, 133, 81, Abstract , Preprint , Figs 4-20 (6.3Mb), Figs 21-37 (4.7Mb), Figs 38-48 (3.1Mb)

18) - Northern JHK Standard Stars for Array Detectors
L.K. Hunt, F. Mannucci, L. Testi, S. Migliorini, R.M. Stanga, C. Baffa, F. Lisi, L. Vanzi
1998, AJ, 115, 2594, Preprint , Table, Fig 1, Fig 2, Fig 3, Fig 4, Erratum (pdf)

17) - Near-infrared images of star forming regions containing masers. Las Campanas observations of 31 southern sources
L. Testi, M. Felli, P. Persi, M. Roth
1998, A&AS, 129, 495 Abstract , Preprint , Fig 1

16) - Characterization of Narrow Band Filters for Infrared Astronomy. The Brgamma and H2 filters
L. Vanzi, S. Gennari, M. Ciofini, L. Testi
1998, Exp.Ast., 8, 177, Abstract , Preprint

15) - Near Infrared spectra of the Orion Bar
A. Marconi, L. Testi, A. Natta, C.M. Walmsley
1998, A&A, 330, 696 Abstract , Preprint

14) - HII and hot dust emission around young massive stars in G9.62+0.19
L. Testi, M. Felli, P. Persi, M. Roth
1998, A&A, 329, 233, Abstract , Preprint

13) - Sub-arcsec resolution infrared images of the star forming region G 35.20-1.74
P. Persi, M. Felli, P.O. Lagage, M. Roth, L. Testi
1997, A&A, 327, 299, Abstract , Preprint

12) - The disk-outflow system around the high-mass (proto)star IRAS20126+4104
R. Cesaroni, M. Felli, L. Testi, C.M. Walmsley, L. Olmi
1997, A&A, 325, 725, Abstract , Preprint

11) - The molecular environment of water masers: VLA ammonia observations
C. Codella, L. Testi, R. Cesaroni
1997, A&A, 325, 282, Abstract , Preprint

10) - Star formation in the S235 A-B complex
M.Felli, L. Testi, R. Valdettaro, J.-J. Wang
1997, A&A, 320, 594, Abstract , Preprint

9) - A search for clustering around Herbig Ae/Be stars
L. Testi, F. Palla, T. Prusti, A. Natta, S. Maltagliati
1997, A&A, 320, 159, Abstract , Preprint

8) - Detection of young stellar objects with ISO
L. Testi, M. Felli, A. Omont, M. Perault, P. Seguin, G. Comoretto, G. Gilmore
1997, A&A, 318, L13, Abstract , Preprint

7) - First ISOCAM images of the Milky Way
Perault M., Omont A., Simon G., Seguin P., Ojha D., Blommaert J., Felli M., Gilmore G., Guglielmo F., Habing H., Price S., Robin A., de Batz B., Cesarsky C., Elbaz D., Epchtein N., Fouque P., Guest S., Levine D., Pollock A., Prusti T., Siebenmorgen R., Testi L., and Tiphene D.
1996, A&A, 315, L165, Preprint

6) - Shocked molecular hydrogen emission in the bipolar outflow NGC 6334 I
P.Persi, M.Roth, M.Tapia, A.R.Marenzi, M.Felli, L. Testi, M. Ferrari--Toniolo
1996, A&A, 307, 591, Abstract , Preprint

5) - ARNICA: The Arcetri Near-Infrared Camera. Astronomical Performance Assessment
L.K. Hunt, F. Lisi, L. Testi, C. Baffa, S. Borelli, R. Maiolino, G. Moriondo, R.M. Stanga
1996, A&AS, 115, 181, Abstract , Preprint

4) - Stimulated Star Formation in the Cepheus Molecular Cloud: The S155/Cepheus B interface
L. Testi, L. Olmi, L.K. Hunt , G. Tofani, M. Felli, P. Goldsmith
1995, A&A, 303, 881, Abstract , Preprint

3) - A multiwavelength picture of the AFGL5142 star-forming region
T.R. Hunter, L. Testi, G.B. Taylor, G. Tofani, M. Felli, T.G. Phillips
1995, A&A, 302, 249, Abstract , Preprint

2) - The active source in the region of the Herbig star BD+404124
F. Palla, L. Testi, T.R. Hunter, G.B. Taylor, T. Prusti, M. Felli, A. Natta, R.M. Stanga
1995, A&A, 293, 521, Abstract , Preprint

1) - Near infrared images of galactic water masers I. Association between infrared sources and masers
L. Testi, M. Felli, P. Persi, M. Roth
1994, A&A, 288, 634-646, Abstract , Preprint

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