Research Activity

My research activity includes: Astrophysics as well as Instrumentation and Physics of the Atmosphere. Here down I summarize the principal fields in which I worked and I produced scientific results so far.

1. Atmospheric Physics

         - Characterization of the Optical Turbulence, Site Testing
         - Turbulence modeling, Numerical codes, Non-hydrostatic meso-scale atmospheric models
         - Optical and non-optical instrumentation for turbulence estimates

         - Scintillation

2. Astrophysics

      2a. Extrasolar planets and Brown Dwarfs

       - Searches for planets around nearby stars with direct imaging-survey
       - Searches for floating extra-solar planets and brown dwarf
       - High-contrast imaging techniques (Simultaneous Differential Imaging technique - SDI)

      2b. Outflows from Young Source Objects and Substellar Objects

       - Origin of the jet knots emission
       - Mechanism of deceleration of the giant outflows
       - Jets from low mass stars and brown dwarfs

3. Instrumentation, Image processing for high-contrast direct imaging

       - Wavelets analysis and high-constrast image processing techniques
       - Turbulence effects on high-contrast direct imaging instruments, turbulence and adaptive optics systems