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 Obtaining and installing DAOSPEC
1. Compile agreement form
2. Send form by fax
3. Write Peter for source files
4. Follow cookbook instructions
DAOSPEC cookbook
 DAOSPEC wrappers
DAOSPEC Welcome Screen
DAOSPEC Fitting Screen
DAOSPEC is a Fortran program written by Peter B. Stetson at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (DAO) of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (HIA), National Research Council (NRC), in Victoria, Canada. Part of the development has been carried out at ESO as well.

DAOSPEC automatically finds absorption lines in stellar spectra, fits the continuum, measures equivalent widths and identifies lines with the help of a laboratory linelist. DAOSPEC also provides a radial velocity estimate.

DAOSPEC is designed to work on extracted, one dimensional spectra that have been binned linearly in wavelength, either in FITS or in IRAF (.imh, .pix) format.

There are two wrappers that make the use of DAOSPEC easier on large sets of files. DOOp was developed for the Gaia-ESO Survey and 4DAO was developed to be used with the GALA suite.

There is a long list of papers that refer to our DAOSPEC paper.

Last Update: 19 November 2016