More about myself

First of all let me present myself. I was born in Florence the 23rd of January of 1961. I've spent most of my life in Florence till October 1995 when my family and I moved to Pontassieve a small city near Florence. Here I am when I was 4 years old.

I studied Physics at the University of Florence and in particular at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, which is the Florence Observatory, were I specialized in Astrophysics. I achieved my University degree in 1986 and then I left for the military service.

Here I am in my office at the Anti-Aircraft Artillery HQ. During that period I had opportunity to specialize on the most powerful computers! (Please note the original IBM XT, a museum piece even in 1987). Anyway I had the opportunity to work at the creation of electronic slides to be presented at briefings and this was quite an interesting job

Finally I finished my service and our officers gave us a beautiful leave ceremony. I finished military service in August and in December I was already working at the Observatory.

I have many interests. I like very much music, expecially early music, which I perform on the lute and as a tenor. I like very much architecture, music, painting, literature of the past, expecially from Middle Ages till 18th century. This I admit is my biggest contradiction, I would like to have been born in the Renaissance Florence but I love technology and I am myself a technician! I like very much reading books but on the other hand I don't like sports with an exception for swimming. For me mens sana in corpore sano is nonsense. To know more about my hobbies click here.

I like travels a lot. I was in most European coutries during my summer holidays and in a few US towns for work, but I never seen a place so beautiful like Sardinia. This picture was taken in May when all plants flourish, a real Paradise!

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