Adaptively smoothing astronomical images with adaptsmooth


adaptsmooth is a code developed by Stefano Zibetti at MPIA (Heidelberg) to perform adaptive smoothing of astronomical images, so to enhance their signal to noise ratio with a minimum loss of effective resolution and, of course, by keeping the photometric fluxes unaltered.

Here below is an example on the color composite image (H2, Br-gamma, Pa-beta) of the nebula NGC2024, after adaptsmooth-ing (left panel) and in the original images (right panel).

NGC 2024, courtesy of A. Bik (Bik et al. 2003, A&A, 404, 249)

For more information about the algorithm and the code please take a look at the paper on astro-ph arXiv:0911.4956.

You can download the code (current version V.2.7.1 15.11.2010) from this link, but first check the readme file!

If you use adaptsmooth to do your own science, please acknowledge its use in your publications by adding a sentence like “This work has made use of the adaptive smoothing code adaptsmooth, developed by Stefano Zibetti and available at the URL” and reference the following papers: Zibetti, S., 2009, arXiv:0911.4956 ; Zibetti S., Charlot S., Rix H., 2009, MNRAS, 400, 1181