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logosmallarcetri Arcetri Technical Reports 6/2002

C-band septum polarizer design 

L. Cresci(1), L. Ciappi(2), R. Nesti(1), F. Palagi(3), D. Panella(1)

(1) INAF - Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory
(2) Department of Electronics and Telecommunications - University of Florence
(3) IRA - CNR Section of Florence


Low loss dual-polarisation performances are highly required in passive devices for low noise radio astronomy receivers at microwave wavelengths. The use of waveguide polarisers is generally better than optical wire grids especially at very low frequencies when space occupation and weights become predominant factors.

In this report, the design and testing of a C-band (6-8 GHz) septum polariser is described. The interest in the development of such a device comes from up-grading demands in receiving instrumentation of  the radio telescopes of Noto and Arecibo. The measurements showing very good performances are accurately described and comparison with expected data are presented to show the validity of the design approach.

PDF version of this report.