First spectra from LonGSp (October 1994)

This is a small sample of roughly reduced spectra taken during the test run of LonGSp at the TIRGO Observatory.

Spectrum of the Seyfert 2 NGC 1068 taken with a total integration time of 8 minutes on the source. The central line is H I 3-5 (Paschen Beta), the other two are [FeII] 1.2567 and a blend of [FeII] 1.3206 and [FeI] 1.3207

Another spectrum with the same integration time of NGC 1068 in the "bad. atmospheric region between the H and K bands divided by the spectroscopic standard. The doble peaked line is a blend of H_2 1.957 (left) and [SiVI] 1.963 (right). The line at 1.945 is due to an absorption feature in the B2IV standard star (H 4-8, Brackett delta).

Spectrum in the K band of the planetary nebula IC 2149 taken with a short integration time on the source (90 sec). The line on the left is He I 2.0581, the small one in the center is He I 2.1125 and the one on the right is H I 4-7 (Brackett gamma).

Last update 21 March 96

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