Participants requesting a trasfer to/from Spineto should fill in the Travel Form by no later than May 15th.

The Abbazia di Spineto is located in the southermost part of the province of Siena, Italy, 6 km from Sarteano. It is at a short driving distance from the railway station and Autostrada A1 exit of Chiusi-Chianciano. Roma and Firenze can be reached in about 90 min by car or by train. The nearest train station is Chiusi/Chianciano (15 min drive to Spineto). Trains in Chiusi/Chianciano station arrive from Roma (south) and from Firenze (north). Firenze will be the most convenient airport to land especially if you will make it on time for the bus provided by the organizers.

In planning your travel, please remember that Registration will take place on the afternoon of Sunday June 7 2015. A welcome buffet will follow. The Conference begins next Monday morning at 9.00 am. Conference ends on Friday June 12 at 2.00 pm.

Please note that there is no public transportation connecting The Abbey to the rest of the World, while there will be a free shuttle at any time for transportation of the participants staying in the Farmhouses to the Conference Center, and viceversa.

Transportation from/to Florence by bus, and from/to Chiusi-Chianciano train station with a pick-up service, will be provided by the organizers on sunday June 7, 2015 for all of you which will submit the travel info by mid May. The bus will leave Florence central train station (Firenze SMN) around 12.30 pm, it will stop at Florence Airport between 1-1.30 pm and reach Spineto in 2 hours. The bus from Spineto to Firenze will depart after lunch on friday June 12 and will arrive at the Airport by 4 pm, then to Firenze SMN. The free pick-up service from Chiusi will be organized from 12:00 am to 6:30 pm of sunday June 7. If you want to reach/leave Spineto at different times, a Taxi can help you in reaching the Abbazia from Chiusi-Chianciano train station and viceversa. The total cost for the ride is approximately 30 euros per car and it takes about 15 min. More details on the bus and pick-ups are given individually to those who requested these services.

Arriving in Firenze...

We will organize 2 meeting points on Sunday June 7. The first one will be at Firenze SMN (Santa Maria Novella, the central railway station) around noon, the second one at Firenze Airport soon after. The bus ride from Firenze to Spineto takes about two hours. If your flight is delayed and you will not be on time for the bus departure you should go to Firenze SMN railway station and catch a train to Chiusi-Chianciano. You can reach Firenze SMN from the Airport in about 30 min by bus VOLAINBUS or taxi. And once in Chiusi if you don't see any pick-up service available you should take a taxi for Abbazia di Spineto (main entrance).

Arriving by plane in Rome, Milan, Pisa....

If you land in Pisa, you can take a train to reach Firenze central railway station (Firenze SMN, change in Pisa Centrale, ride takes about 1.5 hours). Bus rides are quicker and more frequent. There are two bus companies TERRAVISION and AUTOSTRADALE. This bus can take you from Pisa Airport to Firenze SMN (70 min) and to Firenze Airport (90 min). The cost for the bus is 7 euro.

If you land in Rome you should take a train to reach the central railway station in Roma (this jouney takes about 30 min and its final destination should be Roma Termini. The frequency of those trains is about 1 every 30 min). In Roma Termini you should connect to trains going to Chiusi-Chianciano station. Those trains have usually Firenze, Venice or Milan as final destination, but only some of them will stop in Chiusi-Chianciano on their way (check timetable when available, there will be one train every hour and the ride from Roma Termini to Chiusi is about 1.5 hours).

If you land in Milano, Bologna or any other italian destination you can take a train to reach directly Chiusi-Chianciano station and arrange for a pick-up there, or you can take a train for Firenze SMN and reach the meeting point for the bus there.

Arriving by train in Chiusi-Chianciano...

If you arrive by train, your destination should be Chiusi-Chianciano station. Detailed instructions onthe free pick-up service will be given one week before Conference starts. If you can plan to be on this service you will received a confirmation mail a few days before Conference starts.
Those who arrive in Chiusi-Chianciano not in time for the pick-up service can take a private taxi, right opposite to the station exit. Destination: Abbazia di Spineto main entrance (approx. fare is 30 euro, up to 4 people).
Three weeks before the Conference starts we shall also provide train timetables. Right now this is not available for the summer season 2015.

Arriving by car....

If you will be driving take the highway A1 and get off at Chiusi-Chianciano. Then follow directions to Sarteano (7 km). From Sarteano follow the signs to Radicofani: The Abbazia di Spineto is 3-4 km from Sarteano (see the map on top of this page).
If you drive from Roma Airport (Leonardo da Vinci, located in Fiumicino) take the highway from the Airport to the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA), as you were going to Roma city. GRA is a big road going all around the city of Roma, it is at about 12 km from the Airport. Once you reach the intersection with GRA you should take the GRA towards north, direction SS1(Aurelia), SS2(Cassia), A1 to Firenze/Milano. On the GRA you have to drive 20 km before finding the exit for A1 to Firenze/Milano. On the highway A1 going north you will have to drive about 142 km before finding the Chiusi-Chianciano exit.
If you drive from Firenze Airport you are very close to the Firenze North A1 gate. Take the A1 towards south (Roma direction). After about 130 km you will find the Chiusi-Chianciano exit.
Here is a map for reaching The Venue.

Trains from Roma Fiumicino to Chiusi-Chianciano on sunday June 7th

Departure Arrival
9:38 12:08(change in Roma Termini)
10:1212:46(change in Roma Tiburtina)
11:2714:08(change in Roma Tiburtina)
12:1214:49(change in Roma Tiburtina)
13:5716:44(change in Roma Tiburtina)
14:5317:08(change in Roma Termini)
15:2718:08(change in Roma Tiburtina)
16:2318:56(change in Roma Termini)
17:2319:44(change in Roma Termini)

For further informations on Italian Railways please check

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri